One beautiful skein….

Alchemy_1 Look at it.  Feast your eyes.  One beautiful skein of Alchemy’s Silk Purse yarn.  Don’t I have a sweet Mama?  This was my birthday present.

I’m not sure what to do with it.  so far, I’ve just kept it in my totebag (my former diaper, now knitting bag, came from Tara at Urban Fibers.  If you can manage to snag one of her bags while they’re in stock, you definitely want one) and taken it out to pet now and then.

It might be fun to put sequins or beads on ala Tilli Thomas’s amazing yarns.  I saw Disco Lights in my local yarn store once and was stunned by how pretty it was.  Much more elegant than in the pictures.  The new and very cool Simple Knitted Bodice sweater from Stitch Diva uses that yarn as an accent.  That sweater is really calling my name.

I have a funny feeling, though, that this skein is destined to be trophy yarn.  Something beautiful and soft and something that my Mother was thoughtful enough to give me.  Unless, of course, anyone has the perfect idea for my one little perfect skein.  I would love to hear your ideas and advice!

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