It’s Done! It’s Done! Oh Jan is done!

A very grateful Eleanor wore her Oh Jan dress for Thanksgiving dinner today.  I really had reached a point where I wasn’t sure I would ever finish it, and it does look suspiciously short due to the fact that there was no way I was going to knit 4 more inches that anticipated when I began the pattern because this child is going to be an amazon an apparently unnoticed growth spurt.


I think I may like this picture of my appetizers better than the appetizers themselves.  It was fun going out barefoot to pick chives to snip all over the top of them. 


If, like me, you abhor the travails of Black Friday shopping, please consider shopping on my website.  I’m almost to the point of begging now — I am still in the process of trying to clean out my studio, because in 12 short days, HGTV is going to show up to shoot a segment there and there is some serious overcrowding going on.  I can’t tell you how much I love everyone who has helped me empty out space in the shelves were I normally store Elliebelly merchandise at this time of year, so that I can use it to clean off the shelves and tables in the studio and make nice.  If you haven’t taken a look yet, come visit and use code 3120666 to get free shipping at my website.  I’m also going to have some items on Midday Faire tomorrow — both Black Friday sale items and a few special things.

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