More Picture of the Oh Jan Dress

More pictures.  (for all of you who have been waiting patiently).  The Oh Jan dress is definitely a hit with my daughter, and appears to have given me, a lowly working mommy, fresh new status in the eyes of my 70-something society matron neighbor, who has always seemed slightly suspicious of me.  First off, we found some great Oilily pants on Ebay for Ellie to wear with the dress.


Here is the detailing on the front of the neck.  I was nervous that the cotton yarn wouldn’t be particularly forgiving when I went to pick up stitches and finish it — I was afraid any small error of gauge would be lethal.  But it was very easy and seemed to set itself perfectly even without blocking.


The back — I think the V neck detailing is especially pretty.


The picture on the mantel behind Ellie is my baby’s school picture.  I never looked anything like this in any of my school pictures — I was always the child with a crooked part and a spot of dirt on my dress.  Isn’t he a sweet little angel?


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