In my Dyepots

I’m so happy to be back home!  After getting settled in, I decided I was entitled to induge myself and dye all the colors that were swirling around in my head.  So, in between helping Teddy catch up on missed school work and answering Ollie’s numerous questions ("why can’t I see God?"), I’ve been playing.  Peace Fleece, Organic Merino, Silk Merino blends — all of my favorites.  At one point, I had this unusual mix of colors out drying on one of my racks.



This yarn is going to be a sweater for my son.  I’m timing this one just right because we wear the same size right now, so when he outgrows it, um, gee, I guess it will be mine.


This is the silk merino yarn, similar to the yarn I’m using for my Clapotis.  (I have to digress here and confess to utter boredom with the Clapotis.  I’ve made it through the 144 rows in the straight section and have started the decreases.  Will it never end?)


I love to dye yarn.  I guess it’s a sickness.

Most of the weekend’s yarn is for me, but there will be a few skeins available at Midday Faire   beginning Tuesday at noon Eastern Time and more going into Elliebelly later this week.  Go buy some, ok?  You know you want to.

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