Things that make you feel happy inside

It’s a wonderful world full of knitters out there.  Generous, kind people who populate my world and make me feel happy and fortunate.

First, there is Shanna’s new blog.  Shanna is one of my favorite knitters, a transplanted Alabama girl in Japan.  She linked me to this picture of an adorable pair of baby pants she knit from some of my yarn.

Isn’t she amazing?  Look at those beautiful little flowers!

Then, there is Lantern Moon, the company that makes my favorite knitting needles.  There is something about those smooth, simple pieces of wood and the knowledge that they are produced in an environmentally sustainable fashion that supports the lives of real people.  Some of y’all may remember my sad post about the passion the stray dog we adopted last fall developed for these needles, and the fact that she managed to chew one into smithereens.  I sent the people at Lantern Moon an e-mail, asking if there was any way to purchase just one replacement needle.  I had forgotten all about it, but when I got home from our New England trip, I had this email: 

     Hello Joyce,

     Thank you for your email to Lantern Moon. So sorry for the delay in responding! Your email had fallen into a spam file which I’ve just recovered. Typically a reply does not take a month!

     Darn doggie… we will provide you with a replacement for your Lantern Moon ebony needles. Let me know what size and length as well as your mailing address.      

Looking forward to your reply.

     Annette – Lantern Moon

Can you believe that they’re just sending me a free replacement needle?  That has to be some of the most amazing customer service I have ever received!

I’m off to work, with a four year old in tow!  My babysitter is sick, so he is going to be a part of my exciting world at work today ("Mommy, can I drink your warm coffee at work?")  Wish me luck!

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