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I have some knitting to show y’all today!  First, my Clapotis. Finished.  The word Clapotis takes on almost mystical significance when it rolls off my eight year old’s lips.  She loves to wear it — perfect for staying warm after ballet classes.  I love how she says it…"Clapotis."  Almost like it’s a prayer, or maybe, the answer to a prayer. 

I like my Clapotis a lot too.  Today is the first day I haven’t worn it and that is only because I wanted to wear my Anthropologie Shrug, which I haven’t shown a proper picture of before, so here it is.  The yarn is Colinette Point Five in the Toscana colorway. 


And here, strangely enough, is the same colorway in Jitterbug sock yarn.  I started this sock, just the ribbing, Tuesday night.  What you see here is the result of an unusually productive Wednesday.  Admittedly, I knit during a traffic jam on I-20 between Birmingham and Atlanta, which lasted for about an hour, and gave me a significant jump start.


This weekend I have got to do some research and pick out a skein winder, so any advice would be very welcome.  I have several kilos of different yarns on the way here, and would really like to find something more efficient than my niddy-noddy for skeining them.  If anyone reading has a recommendation, please let me know!

12 thoughts on “Cool Things

  1. It’s beeeeyooooteeeful!! Just gorgeous…and you are too, of course 😉 Surely you know that though. I love that blue…it’s just captivating!

  2. Oh, and I bought a cheap yarn winder (and I mean super-cheap: I had a 50% off coupon) from a year or so ago and it lasted longer than the more expensive one I bought off of ebay that lasted 3 months.

  3. Hey Joyce,
    The clapotis is StUNNING. What shimmer. And I love the shrug — I used the same yarn/colorway to make a sweater for my son so it’s great to see it in an “adult” project.

  4. There’s the CLAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay Joyce! Well done!
    And you are beautiful! We need to see more of you!

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