Spring is here!

Spring has come.  I walked out the front door and found this beautiful critter waiting for me.


"Spring is here", Ellie told me.  "He’s a messenger."  "It won’t be cold anymore."  "Wasn’t it nice of him to come tell us?"  "The goddess sent him."

It makes me wish I was eight years old again!

Early this morning, I finished my piece for Chris’s Artistree scroll.  I’m incredibly sad that this round robin is almost over.  It has been really fun.  For Chris’s journal, we each created a sort of fabric plaque for her huge scroll, depicting our ancestory.  I chose my maternal grandmother, the daughter of an immigrant Russian tailor, because I think my love of art and nature started with her.


We went out a few minutes ago and found more proof of spring


We even have sunbathing kittens.


Now I’m off to celebrate.  The wonderful Tuesday sent me an incredible box full of Trade Joe’s goodness.  I’m a transplanted Californian living in the deep south, and the absence of Trader Joe’s here is still something I can’t get accustomed to, even after almost twenty years.  So Tuesday’s box was pretty darn welcome.  Lots of chocolate and Asian flavored food.  I’m off to savor the chocolate truffles and then I’m going to put some of the amazing soap in my bathroom.


We also received our annual package of homemade Hammantaschen from my Mom — the traditional cookie for the Jewish holiday of Purim.  Five minutes after we opened the package, there were this many left.


Shortly after the photo was taken, the remainder had disappeared.

8 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. Spring has not quite made it to Michigan yet; thank you for the preview. Your family piece for Chris’s scroll is stunning. The cookies looked good, too (good cookies are a very temporary art form).

  2. Joyce,
    The picture you have of your grandmother on her mother’s knee could be taken from our family archives. The similarities are amazing, including the part about your great-grandfather being a tailor.

  3. Love the piece for Chris’ scroll. It’s gorgeous.
    Ellie’s observance of spring makes my heart so warm. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all think like that all of the time (although nothing would get done and we’d still require snack time and craft time…wait…I like this idea!)

  4. Just wanted to let you know that there are now Trader Joes in Atlanta. So know you can get your fix on a more regular basis. Love the wrap. I keep meaning to get to that same pattern from knitty?
    A friend of Candace M from Amitys.

  5. oh my oh my!! love that the Goddes brought you such wonderful signs of spring!!! I am waiting for my signs!!! hopefully soon!!!! and I love all the fun treats and your piece for Chris is beautiful!!!! lots of fun eye candy!! thanks! Hugs Linda

  6. Joyce, This was a delightful post with all the beautiful signs of spring, your art, and the yummy treats that I’m coveting! Ellie is such a sweetheart. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each of us could occasionally view the world through the eyes of a child?

  7. Joyce, I’m so glad you were happy with the package 😀 And, like I said…ANY time you want me to pick up something, just let me know! I made something with the fabric you sent! (well, it’s a tiny little something, but I HAD to cut into it LOL) I posted pics on the blog!!
    And of course you know, I think you are brilliant, and your art just blows my mind 😀

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