A Boy And His Cantaloupe

Sometimes, it’s amazing how happy your Dad can make you just by walking in from the grocery store.


Yes, that is a cantaloupe in his arms.  He was so overjoyed that the Judge had to cut it open immediately and feed him.  It’s lovely having little children.  They get so happy about such little things, in ways I have completely lost.  The joy of having this little monkey in my life is beyond belief.

I celebrated the beautiful weekend in part by playing with some new colors on my yarns.  I’m getting ready to dye sock yarn for the sock-a-long I’m doing with some of the other gals from my old parents place board, from when i was pregnant with Ellie.  I did two new colorways on sock yarn.  This one is called Geisha.


And this one is Secret Garden.  It isn’t reskeined yet, but you get the idea of what the colors are going to do.


I really like both of these colorways for socks, but then I kettle dyed a new bulky weight merino I’ve been playing with in these colors and fell in love.


I’m undecided right now as to what to do for the sock yarn, but I’m leaning heavily towards a kettle dye.  I’m having a terrible time deciding!

These yarns and several others, including a few skeins of blue faced leicester, will be available for sale at Midday Faire on Tuesday at noon, Eastern time.  Come take a look and let me know what you think about the colorways.

2 thoughts on “A Boy And His Cantaloupe

  1. Joyce, I really love the Secret Garden colors. You and your family must have the happiest feet in town.

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