Look At What I Did Last Night!

I took a class with my friends, the sadly blogless Jennifer P., who is a photography goddess, and the sadly blogless Camilla, who should have a blog devoted to the incredible things she bakes.  We learned to make wire wrapped jewelry and it was a blast.

Here are the earrings I made last night.


I’m in love with them!  After practicing with copper wire, we used 20 gauge sterling wire, so it was very easy to work with.  At our next class, we start working on bracelets in the same style.  Almost as much fun as the class was the fact that the Judge was home doing schoolwork with four children.  Simple pleasures.

4 thoughts on “Look At What I Did Last Night!

  1. Beautiful earrings Joyce! isn’t wire wrapping fun I can’t wait to see what else you create!
    Not only do I have a son that loves cantalope like yours, I have a cat as well LOL

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