Adventures In Dyeing

Can you believe that these two skeins of yarn


started life in the same dye bath?  I’ve been doing some experiments with overdyeing, and this was part of a controlled experiment I did yesterday.  After the first dye bath, these yarns were identical.  You would never think that to look at them now!

I just went outside to photograph the yarn.  It is so incredibly beautiful in my yard right now!  We stayed outside until the sun went down (and the children’s feet were the deep red of Alabama clay) last night enjoying it.  All of my English roses are blooming and the Japanese Iris just came out yesterday.


All in all, it was too beautiful to spend much, if any, time indoors.  What little time I’ve spent in the studio this weekend has been devoted to my vintage fabric book pages.  I’m being plagued with sewing machine *issues* but am getting as much done as possible before my beloved, but much abused, machine comes home to me.  The nice ladies at the store look at me in horror and say things like, "cardboard?  you were sewing on cardboard?"  "Yes," I tell them.  I was attaching a transparency to it and the funniest thing happened."  I think I am their most trying customer.

But despite that small glitch, my pages are well on the way to being finished.


This is just a little tease.  I’m not giving away everything, since Chris is going to compile the books and have them back to us by Mother’s Day.

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