Vintage Fabric Book

I’m finishing up my Vintage Fabric Book pages tonight — a little bit behind schedule, but they will still get there on time!  I knew as soon as we started discussing this book that I was going to use blues and browns.  The image is off of a commercial CD that I bought several years ago, never used, and fortuitously discovered while cleaning out my desk a while back.  The pretty image, which I have photoshopped a bit and printed out on cotton lawn, made selecting an old fashioned quote to go with it a snap.


My pages will be off in the mail and I’m onto the 24 hour countdown for Art & Soul!  I can’t wait!  I hope to be able to check in  from the trip, at least once or twice.  I’m already in negotiating phase about my suitcase (I can only take one as I have to survive the rush hour trip on MARTA to the Atlanta Airport).  I think I have pretty much decided that I can make do with minimal clothing as long as I can take three to four knitting projects.

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Fabric Book

  1. Joyce, I love your fabric page! This is going to be a great book. Enjoy Art & Soul (yeah, like I need to tell you that).

  2. joyce,
    have a great trip! can’t wait to see pictures of all the amazing stuff you’re going to create!

  3. Joyce,
    The fabric page is looking good. Have a wonderful time at A & S and post lots of pictures for us stay at homes.

  4. Joyce, this is absolutely gorgeous. You want to come teach me how to sew, lol. I really need to learn cuz i love this piece you did and want to make something now but don’t even know how to thread a machine, lol.

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