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The wonderful thing about being a knitter is that your world is always fresh and full of promise.   New opportunities beckon.   Current problems can be replaced by anticipated future successes.  Being a knitter means you have limitless potential.

In that spirit, I have plans.  And, it isn’t that my current knitting isn’t going well, because surprisingly, everything is.  I even managed to get most of the foot of a second sock done during a forum on constitutional reform tonight.  But still, I have a short list of projects I want to start, that I’ll share with you.

At the top of my list is a vest for Ollie.  I love the classic Peace Fleece Vest pattern.


And Ollie wants one in the silk/alpaca yarn I used for my Clapotis.


I’m convinced he’ll look angelic in this vest at his school’s holiday music program.

I also want to knit some felted bowls, maybe with some beadwork around the top, and this Manos del Uruguay yarn is what I have in mind.  I’m thinking the colors will blend into each other and I can have a pretty, soft, organic shape.


I also have lots of baby knitting I want to do, including Leigh Radford’s Baby Bolero pattern from the One Skein Knits book in Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton.


And then I have my new skeins of Koigu that want to be a baby sweater of some unknown (at present) type.


I think about each of these projects lovingly in spare moments throughout the day.  I found myself fantasizing about the Koigu during Pilates today.  Ollie has asked about a vest at least a half dozen times during the last week, so that is at the top of my "new starts" priorities.

It’s fun — and it’s a certain sort of power — having the ability to reinvent yourself by casting on a set number of stitches and starting anew.  It’s one of the reasons why I’m happy to let knitting have a large amount of space in my life.

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