Yarn = Procrastination

I’ve managed to avoid doing lots of things that I should have done this week so that I could indulge myself and knit.

First off, I finished the Noro Hat.  How cool is this?


This pattern is so irresistible that one of my cousins and my uncle are both knitting it.

I started a scarf for Teddy in Misti Alpaca.  Those of you who read my blog because you have kids with DiGeorge or Non-Verbal Learning Disorder and who also knit will appreciate that this is a basic solid color scarf, knit in garter stitch.  I’m not sure I’m going to survive the boredom, but the simple, basic stitch in the incredibly soft yarn is perfect for someone with sensory integration issues like Teddy.  I’m knitting it extra-wide to keep him warm, which means I’m going to have to beg the store in Connecticut to send me a second skein, as I’m about to run out.


And, my Noro Adventure Bag is off the needles!  Here it is pictured right before I did the stitches on the sides for the tabs, before knitting the last couple of rounds and binding off.


All that is left is to do the strap for the top and the tabs on the side.  I can’t wait to felt this bag and see it take shape!

Speaking of bags, an exceptionally special knitting bag showed up on my doorstep this week.  This one.


It’s a horrible picture of an awesome bag.  It was made for me by a good friend, Tonya of Mother & Child Creations.  I’m linking upfront before you all email and ask where you can get one of her bags.  She does a few here and there.  They always seem to get snapped up quickly.  I suspect that if you emailed and asked her very nicely, she would try to make room for you.  This bag was done using a fairytale print I sent on the outside, and some of my hand-dyed green silk velvet on the inside.  Tonya found the most fabulous brown corduroy with green dots — it works perfectly with both of my fabrics, and included lots of pockets, including one long one that is big enough to hold patterns without mangling them.  In fact, it holds my Rowan pattern book perfectly.  I love this bag because it is big enough to cart along several projects and necessary tools, with enough pockets for keys and such that nothing snags on my yarn.  Smooches Tonya.  I love it!

Further yarnie procrastination was caused by the arrival of a gift box from my Knitty SP9 buddy Ruth, who sent lots of treats for fall weather and this:


Isn’t it sumptuous?  I’ve been thinking about doing EZ’s baby surprise sweater.  This might be just the yarn for it!  I need to swatch.  This is a stunning yarn that I don’t have a single skein of in my stash.  I was so happy to see it!  It is full of potential and possibilities and I can’t wait to decide what to knit with it!

I’m also dyeing yarn today, some for Midday Faire, which stocks this Tuesday and some for Elliebelly later in the week.  The weather is crisp and clear here, and the fall colors are speaking loudly, even in the south.  I’m playing with some silk/merino yarn this morning that would make a beautiful shawl or luxurious socks.  I hope y’all are going to like it as much as I do.  Here’s a little sneak preview of my yarn for this week.  This is Lodestar on Peace Fleece, and it will be available here on Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “Yarn = Procrastination

  1. Joyce, If that is the Misti Alpaca Chunky you are running out of, Donna may have it. She has just started carrying it. I have to pet it every time I’m in there.

  2. Joyce, I love you. That hat is great. Where exactly are you going to wear it though? Are you planning a trip to NYC or Colorado? You know it gets COLD in those places. I suppose it will look nice on the 3 days it actually gets below 40degress.
    Love ya!

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