Monday Morning Photos

Here are a couple of promised photos.  First off, Ellie's Be Sweet skirt in progress.  My fingers are crossed on two accounts — first it is looking, um, a wee bit small.  I'm thinking it may end up being for my niece.  Ellie is hoping not.  Second, you can see I've spaced some random eyelets in the yoke.  I've dyed some ribbon, and plan on tying some bows up there.  At the time, it seemed like a very fashionista idea.  Now, I'm hoping it's not going to look silly, because, if it does, what the heck am I going to do with all those "holes"?


Next picture:  The silk/cotton yarn (Cocoon) that I showed pictures of myself painting in a post over the weekend.  I'm in love with this yarn, in fact, I'm off to look on Ravelry for a pattern as soon as I'm done here!



I'll have several skeins of Dover for sale this Thursday at noon if you like it too.

And, my last picture for the morning (and definitely my favorite) is my sweet baby girl, helping me bring yarn in from the drying racks this weekend.


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