Planes, Knitting, and a Surprise for Ellie

Today was a travel day for me.  I flew from Birmingham to Los Angeles for a meeting.

This is me, early in the morning.


Ollie, my five year old, picked this bamboo yarn out months ago and has been asking me ever since when I was going to make him some socks with it, so I decided to make that my project on this trip.  I swatched and cast on, using a sock recipe from Ann Budd's book, and knit all the way to my transfer stop in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a sort of weird place.  There is the seductive music of slot machines wafting around the airport.  And everyone seems to be about the entertainment industry.  I plugged my computer into a recharge stand and the nice guy sitting next to me turned out to be a Michael Jackson impersonator in a show called Legends who was flying somewhere for a job interview.  And when I sat down in the waiting area, I bumped into…


David Archuletta from American Idol!  We had never watched it before this season, when Ellie and I caught it a couple of times.  We really liked his songs.  He was as nice and self-effacing in person as he seemed on the show, and was sweet enough to write out an autograph for Ellie.

And, I got a good bit of knitting done when we were lined up to board the plane.


My cousins picked me up at the airport (both with knitting in tow — I'm going to have to snag pictures this week) and we had a really wonderful drive and early dinner.  It was wonderful to get to see them!

I've made good progress on Ollie's sock today.  The bamboo/merino blend has an unfortunate tendency to split, but it makes a really nice fabric.  I had originally swatched it on size two needles, but thought it looked too flimsy.  I like it much better on size zeros and am really enjoying them now.


4 thoughts on “Planes, Knitting, and a Surprise for Ellie

  1. Oh how cool that you got to meet Archie!! He was my second fave on Idol! I think he’s just precious!!
    Ollie’s socks are lovely! He chose a beautiful color – when you said “bamboo” yarn, I thought that was the color and was expecting something less exciting than the pretty blue.
    Try to enjoy LA in between work stuff!

  2. How fun to meet David Archuletta. The end of the season was my first time watching also. Hopefully, one of these days when you have to come out to CA, we’ll be able to meet up!!

  3. We went to Las Vegas too and got in line at 4 am! We saw the Tuesday live taping with the 2 Davids. Such fun. Sorry I missed you at the meeting at LisCat, I’m still trying to get to that meeting.

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