A Charming Independence Day

My assigned task for our family BBQ today was to make a big salad.  I’m not sure if that’s a reflection on the estimation in which my cooking skills are held, or not, but in any event, it was such a boring assignment, that I decided to solder instead.  I’ll toss the salad once we get to my Mother-in-Law’s house.

Soldering was definitely more fun that salad.  This is a charm I did for a friend.


And this is one I did for myself — I liked all the little knitting charms I did for my shop last week so much, that I decided I needed one.


I put a little fragment of knitting on the back.


Scanning doesn’t really do these charms justice.  I need to come up with a method of photographing them, but I don’t think my photography is going to win any awards.  If anyone has suggestions in that regard, I’m all ears!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the U.S.!  If you’re elsewhere, I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday!

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3 thoughts on “A Charming Independence Day

  1. LOVE your soldered charms Joyce. I think the knitting ones are my favorites even though I don’t knit. Maybe because I’ve not seen any others like them so they are unique and I think you are onto something if you keep going with those and put them in your shop. Or Hon, you could be in high demand with them in your local yarn store! Knitters are gonna’ be all over these. I LOVE this charm especially because of the sheep. Keep crankin’ these babies out! And I’m so totally jealous at your jump rings! No matter how many times I tried to learn how to do them, I just can’t, which is why I wire wrap all my soldered pieces… it’s the cheater way to have a way to hang them!

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