Pretty Things

It’s Pretty Things day at Elliebelly.  I’ll be stocking the store at noon Eastern time today, Thursday.  The previews are up already.

This week I decided to do some little soldered charms for knitters and sewing mamas.


I had fun knitting little swatches to go inside the charms!


And, using some of my favorite Japanese fabric.

After playing with my cousins’ chickens, I even did a nesting themed charm, with a vintage picture of some girls holding their prized chickens — they must have loved them as much as my children love their dogs.



There is yarn too.  Clapotis yarn.   A variation on the beautiful Oliver colorway my sweet baby inspired.  A Paintbrush colorway.  And more, lots more, including some pretty rovings for my favorite spinners, organic merino, and more of the Dover Silk/Cotton yarn.

Come visit.  I hope you like the charms and the yarn, and are having yourself a fine summer day.  We’re off to the zoo.  I hope you are having a fun day too.

2 thoughts on “Pretty Things

  1. These are gorgeous, Joyce! You did a superb job on them.
    I’m also wondering how that purse punishment is going? Make sure you post his finished product! ;0

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