Woo Learns To Knit

This is the fate of teenagers who misbehave in my house.


Sassy?  Incessant text messaging?

Go Knit.

Knit with the cat on your lap.


I told him he could have his cell phone back when he finished knitting a purse for the girl he kept texting  with — nonstop through dinner and family outings.  Her name showed up on the phone as Pursegirl.  So, he’s knitting a purse.  It’s pink.

Look at his sweet hands.  He took to it so easily.  And it’s so nice to sit with him and knit.  I hope it takes him a long time to finish.


8 thoughts on “Woo Learns To Knit

  1. Joyce, I’d like to put my order in for a Woo purse!! Great idea, by the way!!
    hugs, Andi

  2. how funny! you should write some kind of creative parenting handbook. woo looks pretty content as a knitter. please tell him (and everyone else) I said hi!

  3. OMG, Joyce, you crack me up! And what a great idea! You may be on to something here. And that girl is gonna’ be thrilled! She may try torturing him further to get more stuff! LOL!

  4. What a man! And what an awesome mom you are! I’ll have to keep that in mind for the currently growing littles. I can’t wait to hear how this story turns out.

  5. What a handsome young man! And what wonderful skills you’re teaching him! Good mom!!

  6. Joyce! Your charms are great! Particularly that one at the top of your independence day post…
    This post cracks me up!!! I’m coming to you for parenting advice when my girl becomes a teenager!

  7. Woo is a very lucky guy to have such a creatively wicked mother. hehe That is such a great idea, will have to try that on my daughter. Thankfully she is good most of the time :::fingers crossed it lasts::: and loves arts and crafts so I may have to try another tactic. LOL Not looking forward to her as a teenager, she will be as tall as me in a couple years and she is only 7 right now!
    Awesome job Woo!!

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