Baby’s Got Socks!

My baby has got socks.  Not just any socks, but the blue bamboo socks, knit from yarn he picked out himself.

They’re beautiful.  Almost as beautiful as his big blue eyes.


They’re perfect for sitting on the front porch and watching summer thunderstorms roll in.


It is absolutely incredible that a pair of socks could make someone so happy, but then they aren’t just socks.  They an expression of love.  And he clearly gets the message: all the stitches knit while driving home from family trips,  the half-knit socks creeping out of the top of my carry on as I left for the airport, early morning coffee with colleagues where I knit and talked.  Love.  That’s exactly what a pair of handknit socks are.


4 thoughts on “Baby’s Got Socks!

  1. Beautiful socks for a beautiful boy! Ever since I started knitting my own, my littles have been begging me to make socks for them. That’s next on the project list.
    Happy Birthday sweet mama! I pray that you have an awesome week! Godspeed…

  2. Great socks. I remember when you were working on them out here at our SnB meeting in Long Beach. Nice to see they have been so happily received.

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