God Awful Hot

It is God Awful Alabama summer hot here right now.

So hot that these sworn enemies could do nothing other than lie in almost companionable lethargy by the front door in hopes we would come home soon.


Sadly, catnaps weren’t a part of my game plan today.  Ollie and I spent the afternoon together, while the Judge took all the big kids to see Batman.  Ollie was inconsolable about not seeing the movie.  I was willing to promise him just about anything to keep him in good spirits.  We settled on a new Mootah — the big fat wool-stuffed cats that I made last year at Christmas time.  We made an owl-inspired Mootah, using some vintage Japanese fabric my friend Kara sent and which I have been hoarding and using in small pieces.  Ollie really loves his new Mootah.


After we finished, he decided he wanted to learn how to sew.  I have to backtrack here and tell you, it’s always a mistake to agree to do “anything.”  We had one of those days last fall, when I was destashing fabric.  I had some truly ugly stuff, but the worst was a piece of fluffy pink cotton sherpa (think ugly bathrobe) and a tremendously horrible piece of purple/silver stretch velvet.  OMG!  What was I thinking?  Ellie and Ollie pulled the two of them out of the burn stack, and begged me to make a blanket out of them.  I cut and pinned it that day (anything to avoid destashing), but it was so incredibly awful that I had managed to ignore it since then.  It was occupying my desk chair, though; an itching reminder of bad taste.  Ollie and I decided he would learn to sew on it, but he lost interest quickly, leaving me with a very thick and annoyingly stretchy sewing project.

The end result was almost palatable, though.  (And isn’t he cute?)


At least Ollie likes it.

But the purple stuff.  Oh my.  Whatever was I thinking when I bought it?


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