IPhone Knitting

I got an IPhone today.  The new 3G.  I’ve been waiting forever, having decided I wanted one in early spring, when it seemed foolish to get one.  I waited for today’s launch.

The Judge snickered when I left around 6:00 a.m.  The line was long.  But I didn’t care.


I’ve just about finished the sock gusset deceases on Ollie’s Bamboo socks and I got some work in on my Manos Shrug.  I stood in line with two really nice paralegals from a local law firm, a girl who was studying for an economics exam, redshirt guy — who kept us all laughing by threatening to leave everytime we heard AT&T’s servers had crashed again, and a really nice guy and his mom — he knew all the technical stuff and showed us how the phones work while we stood in line.  Best of all, the nice Apple people sent out big trays full of Mrs. Field’s cookies a couple of hours into it.

It was worth it.  I love my phone.  I will never be without Ravelry again when I desperately need advice on, say, how to do right leaning M1 increases.  My IPhone — best knitting accessory ever!

2 thoughts on “IPhone Knitting

  1. I can’t even say how jealous I am!!!! We don’t have the right network up here to run the iphone…. so enjoy it!

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