Kim’s Pock-et-ful Book


This is my work in Kim’s book, all the way from England!  It is the second to last book I have to work on in the Pock-et-ful Round Robin, so I felt a little bit of nostalgia, in advance I guess, while I was working on it.

Kim’s pocket was a simple paper fold up on the right hand page.  I made a little baubble charm, with the word, “Thou” in it, and gave it a patina copper finish, before tying it up in the pocket with a bit of silk ribbon.


There are fragments of text throughout, but I really like this one near the top: Some nests have very flimsy roofs.


I tucked a wee tag in the pocket.  I used some pretty egg pictures I had waiting for something special, and a piece of mica cut into a tag shape.  the tag is embellished with some velvet flowers that are wired together through the hole at the top of the tag.


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5 thoughts on “Kim’s Pock-et-ful Book

  1. Joyce, what a fabulous job you have done in my book, they are beautiful pages and I am honoured to be the recipient of some of your very special embellishments. Thank you so much.

  2. Beautiful choices- love the saying about bird nest roofs! I’m working on a bird piece now, too. Did you know that the study of bird’s nests is called, “Caliology?”

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