Knitting To Vote

It's a great day in America.  One of my neighbors just waited an hour and a half in line to vote — in our teeny, tiny little Alabama neighborhood.  I couldn't be happier — it's what participatory democracy is all about.  Seeing people engaged in and taking part in an election is one of the pinnacles of the American political process. Personally, I would be willing to wait all day.

Probably, that is because, in addition to being a devout believer in our democracy, I'm also a knitter.



is the start of a hat I'm knitting as a Christmas present.  I figure I can make a lot of progress on it while standing in line, chatting with friends, watching my 18 year old vote for the first time, and enjoying the beautiful weather.  I can't wait.

Go out and vote!

4 thoughts on “Knitting To Vote

  1. I took my daughter’s to vote; it was Annie’s first time voting and Becky’s first presidential election. We waited an hour and they both couldn’t understand why I kept telling them how wonderful that was 😀
    Joanne, who didn’t vote in line, but smiled a lot

  2. I waited an hour to vote but it felt right. Like a little inconvenience made it all the more worthwhile.
    Was it not just the GREATEST night ever??? Like others, I didn’t know if I’d ever experience such an election in my lifetime. Still, we remain just blue dots in this state! Heartbroken about DBPaseur.
    Miss talking to you. Hope you’re well. Susan

  3. Hi Joyce
    You've been tagged. Share 7 quirky and non exciting things about yourself.
    PS. I am so looking forward to the In The Studio RR.

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