Tuesday = Surprises

Today is not a typical day in our house.  It is Veterans' Day, which means everyone is home from school and work.

I got up early to photograph some yarn.  I wanted to get it up on my website before we went off to play with the kids today.  (And, it's now previewing here and will be available for sale on Thursday).


While I was taking pictures, I glanced off the porch and noticed that towards the back of the tangled cottage garden that is our frontyard, hidden beneath some foliage but now becoming visible as the summer flowers are dying back, we had…..


sweet little pear-shaped cherry tomatoes.


My wonderful friend Eva gave me a vine of them at the beginning of the summer two years ago.  Somehow, a little volunteer must have sprung up late this summer.  It was full of beautiful, ripe tomatoes.

I called the kids, who were only too happy to help pick them off the vine and pop them into their greedy little mouths.



They were absolutely delicious.  A really wonderful, early morning surprise.

We sat outside on the porch after we ate them.  The bricks were cold.  It was so cold Ollie went back inside for shoes.  We treasure cool, crisp fall weather in Alabama.  It felt wonderful.

And, sitting out there, in the quiet of the morning, we discovered another surprise.


It was beautiful.  I had first noticed the fall foliage the day after the election.  Our neighborhood was suddenly orange and red and gold and yellow.  It was spectacular against a clear blue sky — so blue you felt like you were looking through it into something beyond.

Today, we are out in full color.


I wish you a day full of surprises too!  (and, I promise to get caught up on art and knitting posts, later on this week).

2 thoughts on “Tuesday = Surprises

  1. Lovely yarn colors, lovely fall colors. We are long past peak and have many more leaves on the ground rather than the trees.


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