My Cashmere Orchids And Fairy Lights Hat

Elliebelly's Version of Tiny Owl Knits Orchids and Tea Leaves Hat

This has to be my favorite thing I've ever knitted.  It's a Tiny Owl Knits pattern named "Orchids and Fairy Lights."  My version is knit in an undyed, aran weight Cashmere yarn and it's a perfection of bobbles and cables.  The pattern is brilliant, and although it was at the outer edge of my knitting competency, it was so well written that I was able to hang with it the whole way through.



The end result is a fabulous confection.  This is definitely the start of a love affair with Tiny Owl Knits patterns!

4 thoughts on “My Cashmere Orchids And Fairy Lights Hat

  1. OMGoodness! It turned out absolutely wonderfully!!! And I’m sure it’s so scrumptiously soft too! Beautiful job 🙂

  2. It was a surprisingly quick knit!  I think the secret is getting enough time — a couple of hours, to cast on and do the first repeat.  You only do three more after that, and once you see the first one develop, its relatively easy, although you do have to keep up with the rows that have multiple types of cables going on.  I found it was easy to put markers at the end of each repeat (12 stitches) so that you found out immediately if there was a problem.  But I only had that happen a couple of times — you just have to watch on the twisting cables that you remember to move the yarn front/back while youre cabling, and all is well.

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