Another Knit Nevermind Hat. Subtitle: Why I Love The Plucky Knitter’s Snug Yarn

I'm sure I sound like I have lost my marbles to anyone who is not passionate about knitting.  But, I have a new favorite yarn, and I really don't care who knows about it.  Snug.  I love you Snug.  I love you for your cashmere content and for your beautiful, smooth, round, bulkiness.  And I love how you take color.  All of them.  I loved you right out of the box, even before the first time I put you on my needles.


I love you even more, now that I've knit a second hat out of Snug, my second using the Nevermind cabled pattern.  It is what you were meant for.


Forgive me for the glamour shot.  I'm rather partial to the model as well.  But she still doesn't get to keep the hat!

The colorway is Fisherman's Wharf, a neutral with just a hint of a purpleish undertone in the right light.  So subtle that you're not even sure it's there.  So beautiful that I'm kicking myself for not getting a sweater quantity.




Here is the obligatory cat photo.  I was chided, after the lovely photo of our baby cat Juliet earlier this week, for not including our cats in more photos.  So here is Harry, who is skilled at photobombing, but agreed to pose just this once.


In case I haven't been clear, if you don't have any of The Plucky Knitter Snug in your stash you need to RUN not walk and get some.  You can buy it at her periodic updates or through destash on Ravelry if you're lucky.  It's amazing yarn.  You need to knit with some now!


My Cashmere Orchids And Fairy Lights Hat

Elliebelly's Version of Tiny Owl Knits Orchids and Tea Leaves Hat

This has to be my favorite thing I've ever knitted.  It's a Tiny Owl Knits pattern named "Orchids and Fairy Lights."  My version is knit in an undyed, aran weight Cashmere yarn and it's a perfection of bobbles and cables.  The pattern is brilliant, and although it was at the outer edge of my knitting competency, it was so well written that I was able to hang with it the whole way through.



The end result is a fabulous confection.  This is definitely the start of a love affair with Tiny Owl Knits patterns!


Knitting A Basic Hat

Ollie, who is seven, is one of my favorite consumers of knitted goods because he is so appreciative. He tries to keep wearing them long after they are outgrown.

I decided on one last minute birthday gift for him-a basic hat. I'm using one skein of Elliebelly bulky Talia Merino in a paintbrush colorway. So far, it's all 2×2 rib.  I haven't decided yet whether to do it like that the whole way up or switch to stockinette (or stripe?  linen stitch, which looks great in the paintbrush colorways?) I'm fortunate this bulky yarn knits up quickly, as I've only got a few days left to finish it!

Knitting A Basic Hat