A Sweater That Fits

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I'm ridiculously proud of this sweater.  It fits.  And that hasn't always been the case with my knitting!

Earlier knitters indicated the pattern was a tight fit and to size up.  I swatched, I measured, I did the math. I needed a size large on the bottom and a medium on top, with sleeves in an in-between size.  So I fiddled with all the numbers, with the help of some very nice people on Ravelry.

Modern garden back

The sweater is fitted. and its meant to be worn buttoned up, so it really mattered to get the fit right.  And as you can guess from it' slightly loose fit on Miss E, it fits me perfectly.  It fits so perfectly that she really can't steal this one from me!

Modern garden back2

The pattern is incredibly clever — as you form the leaves with yarn overs and decreases you also accomplish shaping for the sweater.  I was easily able to adjust the length in the right place for my petite frame by omitting a few rows in between the leaves on the bottom and the leaves on top.  As someone who suffers through alterations of everything I purchase, it's delightful to have a sweater where the waist actually hits at the waist!

Modern garden buttons

I love the sweater so much that I finished it was a set of buttons I purchased on our Iceland trip.  They look as though I purchased them for the sweater, although I didn't, and make it truly one of the most satisfying items I've knitted.

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