The Start of Adventurous April

This week saw the start of the Adventurous April Knitalong.  In keeping with the mood, I cast on all four of my planned projects the first day.

1-Lente: I'm knitting a Lente cowl in Elliebelly Premium British Merino.  This is a paintbrush colorway I kept a couple of skeins of for myself.  This is an easy knit and once you settle into the pattern after a few rows, you need neither look at the pattern nor use stitch markers as it's a simple repeat of two different rows.  This one is all about the colors.  I'm looking forward to wearing it.


2-Citron: I got a small start on this pattern, but won't work on it seriously until I get the others further along.  I expect this to be a long term project that I can work on over the summer.  I am in love with the yarn, Elliebelly's Moth 'n Goat, which is incredibly soft.  The Marmalade colorway is a bit lighter on this yarn than on other fibers and very pretty.


3-Canadian Summer: This pattern was written by local knitter Susan Barstein.  It's a sweet piece of shimmering froth.  It is literally shimmering, because this yarn has a beautiful, almost metallic, shine to it.  I'm going to finish the Lente Cowl before I take this one up in earnest, because the stitch patterns are just similar enough that knitting the two at once leads to confusion and mistakes.  Sadly, I know this now and I know that this yarn is very splitty when you are unknitting it.  So, Canadian Summer will wait until Lente is done.


4-Antler: I'm knitting the baby sweater version of Antler.  The yarn is a baby camel that I dyed up with dark green/black low lights, and I'm pleased with how it is knitting up.  So far, I've knit a big piece of stockinette, which will become the body of the sweater.  Next up, the sleeves.


I snuck in one extra project, and casted on a square for the Barn Raising Quilt, that you are all probably getting tired of hearing about.  This square is in Elliebelly Juliet Sock yarn in the Provence colorway.


Adventurous April has given me a good stock of Works in Progress so that there is always something to pick up and work on during a soccer game or a movie.  Combined with my other projects, I feel like I've got plenty of knitting to get me through the summer.






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