Nevermind. My First Project With The Plucky Knitter’s Yarn.


This is the start of my Nevermind hat, which took all of two days to knit.  In addition to being a delightful pattern, this is my first finished object using yarn from The Plucky Knitter.  The yarn is called Snug.  It is a bulky blend of merino, cashmere, and alpaca.  And it is heaven.


The finished hat is warm and cozy.  The yarn is so soft — it seems to bring out the best of each fiber and produce a dense knit that seems unlikely to pill.  Make sure you block this yarn to bring out its fabulous drape.

I've put in my order for more Snug to make sure I have the pleasure of knitting with it all winter.  In one quick hat, it became my new favorite yarn.


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