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Our trip involved lots of beautiful scenery, which turned out to be wonderful inspiration for knitting as we drove from place to place.


The projects I worked on will always be linked with the places we visited on the trip and the people we shared our experience with, which is an awfully nice thing, when you think about it.


I finished Antarktis and wore it everywhere from the moment it was off my needles.  It was unseasonably cold in the Middle East, and I definitely failed to pack for that weather.  So Antarktis became my best friend.  I finally blocked it yesterday, and it has grown a great deal.  Modeled shots over the weekend, but trust me, you want to knit this one.  I keep reaching for it with everything.  It's a great pattern and a great finished object.  Here it is again, not quite done, with a view of the Mediterranean. 


I also knit two more squares for Ellie's quilt.  True confessions: I'm over this one.  I'm not enjoying knitting the squares at this point.  But I want her to have it when she goes off to college, so I'm sticking it out.  There are still more squares in my future.


I added two more colors to my Frostline, the green and the yellow bands.  This is a very simple but highly addictive knit.  I only stopped here because that was all the yarn I had with me, but I've moved onto the blue band since returning home and can't wait to finish this one!


I haven't snapped a picture of Vodka Lemonade recently, because it seems like all I'm doing is knitting, knitting, knitting without making progress.  Yes, there are a lot of stitches on the needles right now, but that doesn't really seem to account for the big black hole of knitting I'm in.  Sooner or later I'm bound to get to the point where I take the sleeve stitches off, but it is slow going right now.  I don't particularly mind as I love the yarn and it's a fun knit.  But I do want to finally finish a sweater and have it fit!

That's my vacation knitting progress.  Now, I'm trying hard to get myself back into the right time zone so I can pick back up at work.  No knitting for the rest of the week, but I'll share more pictures of Antarktis with you over the weekend, since I seem to be on a mission to convince everyone I know to knit one.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Progress

  1. It was amazing.  I got some great photos for collage, except I never have time to do anything these days.  Let me know if you want some photos of column and architectural details and Ill create an album to share with you!

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