The Zissou Hat

If you know someone who loves Wes Anderson movies, then this is the perfect Father's Day (or any day) gift.


Anderson's movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is a comedic take on Jacques Cousteau, sea explorer and icon of my childhood (oh the Sunday afternoons spent watching Jacques take on creatures in exciting underwater locales!) And this hat, the classic Cousteau/Zissou hat, is a lovely reminder that even guys with no fashion sense whatsoever can sometimes start a trend.

Since "guy with no fashion sense" is pretty much the guy I married, this hat should be perfect for him (she said lovingly).  Modeled here by one of our boys, it's sweet and charming, and just a little bit silly.  Everything a good hat should be.

Hold your breath along with me — he's notoriously picky about presents.  I'm hoping this one will make the cut!

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