The Zissou Hat

If you know someone who loves Wes Anderson movies, then this is the perfect Father's Day (or any day) gift.


Anderson's movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is a comedic take on Jacques Cousteau, sea explorer and icon of my childhood (oh the Sunday afternoons spent watching Jacques take on creatures in exciting underwater locales!) And this hat, the classic Cousteau/Zissou hat, is a lovely reminder that even guys with no fashion sense whatsoever can sometimes start a trend.

Since "guy with no fashion sense" is pretty much the guy I married, this hat should be perfect for him (she said lovingly).  Modeled here by one of our boys, it's sweet and charming, and just a little bit silly.  Everything a good hat should be.

Hold your breath along with me — he's notoriously picky about presents.  I'm hoping this one will make the cut!


New Knitting

I'm violating the rule of "one project off the needles means one new one on" this week.  My Frostline is finished, but I've started two more projects.

First, a Zissou Hat.  It's for the Judge for Father's Day.  Ssssh.  Don't tell him (I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog).  I've got some lovely red Plucky Knitter Bello Worsted yarn and I've played with the math-fu to convert a pattern meant for a much finer weight cotton yarn.  This probably means d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r, but I'm game.  When finished, it will (hopefully) look something like this.

image from images4-d.ravelrycache.com

© Lalla Pohjanpalo

Reminder:  If you haven't seen Wes Anderson's movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, DO!  Just drop whatever you are doing right now (take along your knitting) and get it on Netflix or Amazon.

Second new project, and still in the swatching stage, is a (hopefully) quick tank top I want to knit for the ballerina before she goes off to her summer program.

image from images4-d.ravelrycache.com

© Quince & Co.

The yarn is a fascinating Linen tape yarn from Quince, one of my favorite yarn makers and definitely my favorite for all things linen.  This will require me to sew pieces together with mattress stitch, which will likely take more time than all of the knitting combined.  I'm already trotting out my mantra: I love finishing up my knitting projects.  Because really, like most knitters, I'm a bit adverse to finishing.  But, having managed to weave in untold ends on my Frostline, I think it was something like 24 ends, this should be cake.