Shindig and Airplane Knitting

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Plucky Shindig, in Grand Rapids, Michigan was a very fun time. Knitting classes with Amy Herzog and Lorilee’s Beltman were light year advancements in my knitting knowledge and sitting in the hotel lobby, knitting with new friends until late into the night was fabulous. Kudos to the drunk 20-something in the mini skirt who wandered up to us one night and tried to convince us she “used to knit” even though she could barely stay on her very high heels. It was all good. The world would be a better place if everyone was as friendly, open, and accepting as knitters!

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Although I brought along (and managed to get a bit of work done on) my Glacier sweater, Drachenfels and Summer Moon, I cast on the new Heritage Hat pattern from the new Plucky Fall Back Collection and have enjoyed watching its cables grow in an Aran weight cashmere. Although the pattern assumes some knowledge that might make it difficult for a newish knitter, it’s lovely, and I’ve tried to include some comments in my pattern notes to make it a little easier.

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