Wrap It Around My Neck

There is nothing as wonderful as a soft, fluffy piece of knitting to wrap around your neck when it's cold.  I shared pictures of my Forest Park Cowl and Moto Vest (modified into an infinity scarf) yesterday, but I've got better photos available after a day without rain and I'm pleased enough with these two knits to share them a second time.


The delicate cables in the cowl, interspersed with outlined bands of garter stitch, are really very clever.  The pattern is very pretty, definitely meant to be knit in a color that is light enough to show off the play of the cables.  It's not so complicated that you can't memorize the pattern at some point during the project, but you will feel proud of the intricate look of the cables when this cowl is snugly wrapped around your neck.


My reworked Moto Vest is nothing more than a bulky, ribbed scarf with the ends mattress stitched together into an infinity loop.  It reminds me that often, the simplest knits can be the most satisfying.  I tend to notice big, simple knit pieces like this when looking at fashion photos.  Truth be told, a scarf like this could be knit — easily — in an evening.  But sometimes the basics hold a lot of appeal.  I'm really happy with this impromptu piece, and have plans to do another simple but smooshy knit along these lines with some cashmere I've been hoarding.  If you want to replicate this look, it's a simple 2×2 rib, knit to approximately 60" in length before seaming.

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