Bad Dog!

I made a mistake.  I got up early Saturday morning, finished Adama, put it around my neck and went straight out of the house to drop my daughter off to take the SAT.

Miss Fig, my Boxer puppy, has never shown any interest in my knitting.  Not so much as a sniff.  But apparently the small ball of unused yarn that I left buried in the couch got her attention.  Was it the sheepy smell?  I'll never know.  Here she is in all her glory.


It went on and on like this.  For quite some time.  She was quite please with herself and completely unrecalcitrant.  At least it was leftovers in an amount too small to really be put to further use.  I'm hoping this isn't a harbinger of bad doggie activities to come.  I've gotten into the habit of knitting while I watch TV with my family a few nights a week and although I'm usually pretty careful about putting my knitting bag in it's zippered project bag and out of reach at the end of the night, this video is enough to strike terror into the heart of any knitter!  You would think she was part cat.

She's a cutie, though.  Check out that underbite!

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