More Dyeing Than Knitting

This week, there has been more dyeing going on around here than knitting.  And with dyeing, comes this:


I truly love my electric skein winder.  Without it, I couldn't make all those skeins to dye, reskein them after a dyebath to more evenly distribute the colors when they are glazed, or to pretty them up after the fact.  I really do love it.  But the noise lives in my head for a long time after a long winding session ends!


I managed to finish Adama first thing this morning, and I was really glad I did. My version is warmer and fuzzier than the looser, lacier versions most people have knit, so it kept me toasty and warm while pictured here, in the early hours, driving our high school kid to take the SAT.  I haven't taken it off all day, although it really needs a good blocking.  I'm not usually a fan of chainette style yarns, but I think Woolfolk's worsted weight Får is definitely a keeper. You should go get some right now and knit with it!

Next up — I need to pull Glacier back out of its hiding place and see if I can fix the humongous sleeves (I will never learn to read through everyone's comments on Ravelry — had I done so, I would have seen that virtually every knitter complained the sleeves were oversized).  I've got to rip them completely out, not a big deal since I'm only a couple of inches in, but them I'm going to have to struggle to math them so that I can make smaller sleeves fit into the armhole size I've knit.  And I've got a good bit of the back left to knit, as well.

Here's a quick peek at some of the yarn I've been dyeing.  This is Elliebelly's Merlin, a worsted weight Merino wool yarn.

Mitzvah Earthday
Although you might think it's too complex, this yarn knits up very well in cabled patterns.  It's a bit counter intuitive, but the results are spectacular.  More on that later this week!


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