Progress On My Habitat

There is progress being made.  Not progress on a sweater (although there is that), but progress on my tree house knitting room.  The rest of the family only thinks it's a sun porch that everyone can enjoy.  It's actually going to be my knitting nook, complete with a comfy chair and really good lighting.

I live with one (adorable) husband, four children, two dogs, and five cats.  I like the fun and frenzy of family, but the clutter, not so much.  And as every knitter knows, some (or perhaps most) of the clutter is mine: leftover balls of yarn, a project bag that needs sorting out, swatches, and other remnants of a knitter's life.  But, I have a plan.

When my (adorable) husband announced last year that our back deck was beyond its useful life and I had to do something about it, I dutifully went to work.  Well, not me personally, but we live in one of those neighborhoods where people are very helpful, and before you know it, I was connected with just the right people.  Our backyard has been in the sort of carnage you see in the top left photo for the last few months, but under the watchful eye of Harry the Maine Coon Cat, the plan is coming together.  I'll be able to cook outside, which should give me lots of extra knitting time due to the ease of grilling and the proximity of knitting in the fabulous empty room with no clutter at the moment, just a few steps away from the grill.  I guess it's because it's still being built, but it looks so calm and peaceful and I love the view of the trees.  Hopefully in the next few months, I'll get to show you pictures of  knitting in my clutter free zone treehouse room. I can't really imagine a quiet, private space after 25 1/2 years of raising children, but every time I look at this space, it feels like my own private retreat!

And it couldn't come at a better time!  I'm on sleeve island with the Glacier sweater that I've been knitting for Millennia since last fall.  Just at the start of sleeve island, the second time around on this project, so I could use some peace and quiet to get through all those cables with increases and decreases.  I may just pull a folding chair out there and knit away!

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