Weekend Knitting News

I've take a few moments away from my regularly scheduled knitting to become completely obsessed with dyeing.  Again.  That means there is very little knitting progress to share with you this weekend, but there is some pretty yarn.


There were a couple of purple days.  Purple is always a challenge on yarns that are non-superwash or good, old fashioned, wool.  Getting saturated color is difficult, but worth the effort.  You can also see a skein of the Tree Frog colorway variation I've been working on, the green yarn.  I used it to play around with an idea I had for a sleeve (I am not and likely never will be a sweater designer, but I had this idea that wouldn't leave me alone so I had to play with it for a bit).  The photo on the left has accurate color, on the right is my idea, which still needs a little bit of refining.


I really love yarn with silk content, and as much as I love Chemise, the Elliebelly linen-silk silk blend that is going to be my next sweater, I took some time to dye Elliebelly Panda, a silk bamboo blend, for an Ishbel scarf.  And, of course, purple.


This is some Juniper Moon Farms worsted merino that I purchased as a farm share one of the first years they were up and running.  It has been in my "too precious to use" stash, but I decided to dye it for the beautiful new shawl by Lisa Hannes, The Colourist, which is intended for richly variegated yarns.  This one certainly fits that parameter, and I'm a little bit nervous that I went to high contrast, but I decided against toning it in hopes we'll see lots of pretty color variation in the finished knit.


There is also a little bit of roving being dyed so it can be spun into yarn. I adore handspun yarn, and this is the softest, fluffiest roving I've gotten my hands on in some time.  It's merino, with a very low micron count.  I can't wait to see what this looks like when it becomes yarn.


I'm going to have to use the weekend to get caught up on sleep, because this is mostly late night dyeing.  Late night dyeing is not something that is conducive to good photography or quality blogging, so I apologize for the limited pictures I have to share. But there are lots of exciting photos of yarn and projects knit from it coming in the next few weeks.  I've got some wonderful test knitters doing amazing things with some of my yarn this month, and I can't wait to show you the results, along with my own knitting.


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