A Little Elliebelly Eye Candy

Here is a little update for those of you who are interested in goings on towards the January reopening of Elliebelly:

  • The website redo is in progress, in the very capable hands of the lovely Nicole (who, by the way, has a fabulous shop of her own with hand dyed fiber and handspun yarn, and which you should check out).  It’s a lot of work but I’m so pleased with the progress we are making!  You will begin to see bits and pieces of the changes in progress and I welcome any comments you have.
  • The video on this page is a compilation of some of my favorite pictures for the new site.  I wanted to share it so you can get a sneak peek at all of the good things that have been happening.
  • There has been A LOT of dyeing going on here most weekends.  As excited as I am about the beautiful solid and semi-solid colorways, I dyed some Crayon sock yarn last weekend and am trying to decide which of the other variegated socks to bring back.  Retro Kitchen? Guppy Creek?  I love them all and getting to dye them again is like seeing old friends!
  • Please sign up for the new Elliebelly email list.  Mail Chimp, my new host, seems to think I’m a spam lord, because I tried to upload the 400+ people on my old email list.  Rather than fighting that battle, I’ve added a new sign up box (over on the right or at the bottom of the home page) and am hoping you all will sign up because I want to have lots of fun along the way to reopening: contests, giveaways, and a ramp up of our little community of knitters.
  • Whether you celebrate a particular holiday or not, I hope you will have a wonderful end of the year.  If you’re like me, the end of the year always seems to close out in a flurry of knitting.  I have a lot of projects in the works and some cashmere mittens that need to move past the swatching stage and onto my needles.  I’m going to be hanging out in the Elliebelly Group on Ravelry, and I hope you’ll join me there.  You’re welcome to knit and chat, whether you’re knitting with Elliebelly Yarn or anything else and there’s talk of a very interesting Temperature Blanket/Scarf KAL going on.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, bring along your knitting, and join us!

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