What to Knit?

I've fallen.  Fallen hard.

It hasn't happened for a very long time.

But this yarn.  This.


Irresistible in every colorway I've seen it dyed in.

It's Malabrigo's Rasta.  And did I tell you I fell hard?

Laguna Negra.




And Zarzamora.


And more Piedras, the colorway that started it all with the scarf up at the top.

Joining, already in my stash, Arco de Iris and Indecita.  Yes, fallen hard.

If I can convince myself to move beyond just petting it — lovely, soft, Merino — this is the start of my holiday knitting.  I have plans for a couple of hats, a shawl or two in a large chunky lace, and perhaps another scarf.  The colors are so pretty, with each skein its own unique mixture of the colors and shades used for its colorway.  There is a certain element of indefinable and unpredictable difference that makes what would already be an exceptional yarn a mystical experience to knit with.

You can't overestimate the the qualities of a really fine yarn.  Love.  Yes, it's definitely love.