Knitting A Scarf: Just Enough Ruffles

I started Just Enough Ruffles yesterday.  Laura Chau is a genius pattern writer, using short rows to curve the scarf inward and on toward the ruffled edge.


Having read the pattern carefully, though, I'm inclined to think that it was mis-named.  It probably needs to be called Too Many Ruffles.  I've just discovered that I'm going to be increasing three times in each stitch for a total of 600 stitches across the ruffled edge.  600.  Really?

Although I am not looking forward to that cast off, the cashmere is soft and dreamy and the robin's egg blue color is very nice.  Possibly my only real complaint about this one is that at least for now, I'm going to have to crank the air conditioning if I want to wear it.  This scarf is going to have to wait for much cooler weather!