Knitting: In My Carry On Bag For Spring Break

A small confession.  I jammed a couple of pairs of pants and some tee-shirts in my son's suitcase for spring break.  This left my roll on board and my carry on bags free for knitting.  Because that's what spring break is about, right?


I've got the following projects along with me:

  • March Monkey – I don't like the fidgety double points and color changes for airplane knitting, but I'll work on him once we arrive.
  • Frostline – I had to set this Plucky Knitter project aside while I waited for Dandy Lion and Sticky Toffee, the next two colors I needed, to arrive.  Ultimately, I decided to substitute a skein of Cornucopia for Sticky Toffee, but now I'm all set to go.
  • Drachenfels – I don't expect to make lots of progress on this, but brought it along for "insurance" knitting (I know, I know).
  • Vodka Lemonade – I'd like to finish the shoulder increases, so I can work on the body on a long flight later this month.  I love this sweater!  The color, the yarn (Plucky Crew), just everything about it is wonderful.  At the lighter dk gauge, it has been a slow, but very enjoyable, knit so far.
  • Tipperary – I had hoped to finish this, but a couple of busy weeks mean I haven't had much time for knitting, so I'm still a few rows shy.  This is first up for airplane knitting, and hopefully I can finish it by the time we arrive.
  • Antarktis – The Adventurous April KAL starts on April 1, so although this yarn is currently tucked away in my suitcase, I can't wait to get started!  I may even stay up late and cast on at midnight, because after all, that's what spring break is for.

Expect a few quick pictures and updates on knitting as the week progresses.


Works in Progress

The week I go back to work after the holidays is always a bad week for knitting (as much as it is good to be back with good friends and getting the job done).  I manage to get in a bit of knitting when I wake up and a bit at night, so this week wasn't a total knitting loss.  But progress was slow.


Thea Coleman's  Vodka Lemonade pattern is my most challenging project at the moment.  It's a sweater pattern knit in The Plucky Knitter's delicious Crew yarn, a merino/cotton blend.  That is the collar that you see above.  It's knit in seed stitch. I'm in the decided minority of knitters who enjoy knitting it.  It's slow going and time consuming, but it's very pretty.  At this rate, it will take me quite some time to finish the collar before I get on with the body of the sweater, but I don't mind at all.


Paddle Mitts are a Tin Can Knits pattern.  Like the other patterns I've knit from this designer, the pattern is straightforward and the finished item is utilitarian.  And I have managed to create a small disaster with what should have been a simple project.  I decided to use my favorite skein of yarn, this beautiful skein of Plucky Scholar, which is a worsted weight blend of cashmere and merino in a rustic spin.


That would have been just dandy, had I seriously contemplated the fact that Scholar was a bit heavier than the yarn the pattern was written for and sized down, but no, I did not.  That was okay in the body of the hand, where the ribbing made it work.  But there was drama with the thumb and I overcompensated with rapid decreases after picking up the stitches for it.  I've pulled that all out and am starting over for a thumb that works with the rest of the mitts. This will go into the man-sized pile for gift giving, darn it.  I hope I have enough yarn to do a second pair for myself.


When The Plucky Knitter introduced her first collection of patterns, All Bundled Up, last weekend, I enjoyed looking them over and admired several enough to add to my Ravelry queue of patterns to knit this year.  I even contemplated buying yarn for one of the sweaters in the near future.  But then it hit.  The Sugarloaf Infinity Scarf pattern was so tempting.  It was written for my favorite yarn, Snug, and it just so happened I had the perfect colorways for it in my stash.  So on my needles it went, and it's unusual little rib was an enjoyable knit while we watched a move on TV last night (The Life Acquatic with Steve Zissou, which you should watch if you haven't seen it and like slightly snarky, self-indulgent humor).


I have plans this weekend to work on my Olivia wrap, and I wanted to get in more work on Vodka Lemonade's collar, but I'm afraid Sugarloaf has captivated me, and may end up as the attention-getter in whatever time I have this weekend.  Fortunately, it's cold outside and there is a lot of appeal to sitting inside where it is warm and this is hot tea and I can knit.