Blue Faced Leicester

Those three little words make me so happy.  Blue … Faced … Leicester.  If fate was ever kind enough to stick me out in the country on a little farm, I believe I would have a small flock of these lovely sheep.

Until that time, I’m fortunate enough to have a very nice friend, Julie, whose lovely store has fabulous hand-dyed rovings and other cool things I covet.  Last week, as I was leaving town on business, a package arrived from Julie’s store.  I stuck it in the car and promptly forgot about it.  I discovered it again (while sitting in the parking lot at the Starbucks in Anniston, Alabama) and opened it to discover too huge bags of gorgeous starburst-y bright oranges and reds.  It was so wonderful that I had to call Julie on the spot and tell her how much I loved it and ask what else she had in stock.  So today, in the mail, I get a second package full of blues and greens, with a note that says, keep what you like and send the rest back (she’ll pay postage) and I’ll send you an invoice.  I’ve already pulled the blue/purple apart and started prepping it to spin.  Look at those colors!


I’m thinking about spinning this with the oranges and reds to make a wonderful thick and thin multicolor yarn.  I just love the colors and the incredible softness of the Blue Faced Leicester roving.

2 thoughts on “Blue Faced Leicester

  1. yummy! Can’t wait to see how that spins up.
    I have told my husband that we definately have sheep on our farm/vineyard. He is learning all about them in his internship and I helped with the lambing this year. I can hardly wait to have our own!

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