No Art Day

It’s a no art day for me.  Normally, this would make me really sad, but today, it’s ok.  I got to spend a lot of time yesterday finishing up my sample pieces and working on my article for Caroline’s zine, which she is calling "Sugar."  I have been experimenting with using embossing powders on fabric and although I only had space to discuss the basics in the article, the experimentation was a lot of fun!


I also wanted to tell you all about an amazing experience I had this week.  A good friend’s mother died after a long struggle with cancer.  A bunch of us from my office made the trek down to Selma, Alabama for her funeral.  To get to Selma from Birmingham, you drive through lots of little southern towns — Clanton, where the watertower is in the shape of a huge peach and Maplesville with its paper mill.  It was like a drive back in time.  The church was beautiful.  It had a lovingly restored 100 year old pipe organ.  The embossed tin ceiling in a rich copper color inside of the vaulted dome was suprising and had an almost Moorish feeling.  The stained glass windows were incredible.  And it was a lovely funeral despite the sorrow — replete with funny stories about a strong, steel magnolia who was loved by her children and grandchildren.  Amazingly, Jett Williams, Hank Williams daughter, sang in this small church with just 100 or so people in it.  She sang Will The Circle Be Unbroken and then finished the funeral with Amazing Grace.  I’m still stunned, just thinking about how beautiful her voice was, echoing in the church.

3 thoughts on “No Art Day

  1. Joyce,
    are you talking about Caroline Chen? I miss seeing her artwork so much! Does she had a picture trail or anything? I actually tried looking her up on the internet a few weeks ago with no success. I’d also be interested in her zine. Can you point me in the right direction? I could use an eyecandy fix with some of her gorgeous work!

  2. angie: i don’t think caroline has her art up on a website. i wish she did — i love looking at her work. maybe if we all email her and pester her enough, she’ll make one or let us know where she blogs.

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