A Few Quick Things

For those of you who saw a strange post full of random letters a bit earlier, that post was written compliments of Miss Hermione, but has now been deleted in favor of this one, which I was distracted from writing by the awakening wee boy.


First off, I am so happy that I am finally back to working on Ellie’s Oh Jan dress that I have to show you my progress!  I’m onto the second color and trying to take the eyelet panels on faith as they sort of look like well, um, holes right now.


I’ve also been dyeing yarn (yes, I know this comes as a surprise).  This is my most recent silk yarn — it is as nice and soft as the Alchemy Silk Yarn my Mom got me for my birthday, but now, I can dye it in any color I want!  I think this yarn has fabulous potential double stranded with alpaca for scarves, but my real plan is to use it for the Oh Jan dress for my adorable three month old niece (before she gets much bigger.)


And finally, a tiny bit of art.  I’ve been working on some odds and ends in my studio, and also finishing up my pieces for my partners in the Art Partners swap, Joanne and Angie (which I don’t want to post as they are still in the mail and I hate to ruin surprises).  One of the things I’ve been attracted to are little boxes.  This one uses the same angel image that I used on my fabric book pieces.  I’m thinking about making some of these sweet little boxes as holiday presents for my family (I hope none of them are reading this!)


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