A Random Day

In an effort to live up to the ultimate criticism my 16 year old likes to level against me, "oh Mom, you are SO random," I’m going to offer up some moments from my day.

We’ve had a bit of rain in the past few weeks and it is amazing how it has perked up my late summer garden.  The Zinnias are extravagant and are blooming all over.


The cherry tomato plant Ellie’s Godmother gave her is covered in little tomatoes (having been carefully watered by Mom every day, all summer long) and I’m crossing my fingers they will turn red before the cold hits.  I’m not your basic fried green tomatoes kind of southern girl, but I do have my eye on a recipe involving fresh Mozzarella Cheese and little tomatoes.


And look at this!  My Gardenia bush is blooming!  I love Gardenias.  Their sweet fragrance reminds me of my Grandmother and I love bringing them inside to grace the dining room table.  No clue why they’re blooming in September, though.


Here is one of the many reasons I grow lots of parsley — it insures plenty of Swallowtail Butterflies in my garden.


Since evil husband was off watching football this afternoon, I let Ellie pick whatever she wanted for dinner, and she chose applesauce from one of our favorite cookbooks, Fanny At Chez Panisse.  She and Ollie and I peeled the apples, and then gave them a liberal sprinkle of Cinammon before cooking them.  The result was an extravagantly delicious if unusual dinner.  We rounded it out with a Tisane of Lemon Verbena, Pineapple Sage, Peach Tree leaves, and Lavender.  It was yummy.  I’m still sipping it as I type.


Finally, a kitty picture.  This is Hermione, who although she seemed to be the shyer of the two kittens on arrival is absolutely intrepid.  We’ve made toys from some tree branches and yarn and the kittens have been having a wonderful time.


It’s back to the studio for me.  I have two dresses I’m in the middle of painting, a journal in progress, a sort of funky collage with thick gessoed edges, and a little fabric page.  I remind myself of the 16 year old’s favorite joke — Q. how many kids with ADHD does it take to screw in a light bulb? A. Let’s go ride bikes.  Honestly, that is me in the studio.  Actually, that’s me in every day life.  I’m off.

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