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I think I have neglected to mention previously that I’m participating in Indie For Awareness, a connection of 30 women owned indie businesses, that are working together to raise money for the Komen Foundation for breast cancer research (October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

Although it can be a subject we like to passs by, breast cancer is an important one, and I’m happy to have even a small chance to help.  During the month of October, I’ll be donating 10% of playsilk sales from my website, to the Komen Foundation.  If you don’t know what playsilks are, but have or love a small child, please come and take a look!  They’re a wonderful toy from the Waldorf and Montessori educational traditions and make fabulous presents and stocking stuffers come holiday time, so come grab some now, while the fundraiser is on!

I’m also doing some survivor journals, in collaboration with Melanie at Earthenwood Studios. Melanie has made the most fabulous ceramic pieces with pink ribbons and inspirational words, and I’m incorporating them into journals like this one.


This particular journal will be available at noon on Tuesday at  (you will have to scroll down through the stores until you get to Elliebelly to find it) along with at least one other journal and some handpainted yarn, and again, 10% will go to the Komen Foundation, so please bookmark this and come take a look on Tuesday!  There will be more survivor journals throughout the month, both at Midday Faire and at Elliebelly.

Finally, since so many of you have taken an interest in the kittens, here is a picture of the slightly more reclusive Harry Potter, who ventured into my studio, took a few leaps and scattered scraps and ephemera every where, and then, after dipping his tail into the gesso a couple of times, curled up in one of the assemblage boxes beneath my desk and took a (cat)nap.


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5 thoughts on “Indie For Awareness

  1. Love the new journal it’s beautiful and what a great idea! and also love the kitties too!! what a cute pic of Harry!! ours have a basket I left outside and the one kitty who follows me every where sleeps in it!! too funny since she is way bigger than the basket really!! and love the other pics of the flowers and Ellie and all too fun!!!

  2. I love the journals! You and Melanie make such beautiful art. Combining them together was a wonderful idea! I can think of several special people in my life who would treasure on of your journals. Way to go ladies!
    Harry P is adorable! 🙂

  3. Joyce that book is amazing! I just love the subtle but variety of color you put into it… and of course, the kitten is too super cute. I love kittens. If I wasn’t having a new baby soon, a new kitten would be on the agenda for sure.
    Take care and have a good week!

  4. That journal is stunning!!
    And your kitties are so stinkin’ cute.
    I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Ellie’s first kitty. That had to be so difficult for all of you.

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