Artwalk was a lot of fun.  More than I could have ever anticipated.  It was really great to put all of my art on the beautiful copper stands my friend Joyce Darby built, and stand back and enjoy the effect.  The pictures really don’t do the stands justice.


The whole set up was special because the law firm that hosted me and two other artists was a really incredible renovation of an old, downtown, hardware store, and it was beautiful.  I had a small set up and was able to move around and talk to people about my art and just generally have a lovely time.


Overall it was a great experience and although I don’t think I’m going to quit my day job just yet, I’m certainly having delusions of doing this again in the future.

The Sunday after Artwalk was over, I headed over to Atlanta to meet my friend Karen O for a day of felting with Julie Williams, who was visiting from Australia.  Julie’s method of laminate felting was completely different from mine and I learned a lot from her.  The scarf I made, of 18.5 micron Australian Merino wool is soft and beautiful.  For now, a bad picture will have to suffice.  (Karen and I are both far prettier than this, but we had been felting since 9:00 and this picture was taken around 6:00 pm — plus, something about getting up to leave for Atlanta at 3:45 am seemed to have wiped me out).  Karen’s scarf was my favorite one from the entire class.


On a serious note, I want to share a link to a 9/11 site, that I used to watch with my daughter on my lap, later that fall.  It always touched me in a very unique way and I thought it would be nice, in a very somber sort of way, to share it with y’all, here is the link:

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