One Last Piece of Art

I wanted to share one last piece of art before I pack up and take everything off to exhibit at Artwalk, which starts this afternoon.  Thanks to all of your kind comments and emails, I’m passed the jittery stage and onto the excited and ready for fun stage.  I’m off to set everything up and then pick up a case of wine — that way, people will either like my art or they will be having so much fun that they will think they like it.


                        Her Memories From Before

                                       The War

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2 thoughts on “One Last Piece of Art

  1. I have been thinking & thinking about you all week! I know it will all be fabulously fun, and I bet you’ll find that there are quite a few folks out there who ‘get it’!!! Can’t wait to hear all about the newest adventure, wish I could be there…..

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