And the winner is……

Amber! As soon as you send me your address, I’ll pop this lovely skein of yarn in the mail to you.

Since many of you kindly reassured me that the fiber of the space time continuum would result in a rebound effect that would cause the Oh Jan dress to suddenly gain excessive length, I feel the need to share with you that it is simply not the case.  If you will scroll down to the original post, you will notice nearly a full skein of yarn attached to the needles.  In the course of this trip (we will not discuss the entire repeat that had to be frogged.  Nevah, evah knit at two in the morning after drinking gin martinis) that skein, and all but the last few yards of the next one were consumed.  The Oh Jan dress, however, appears to be not much, if any, longer than she started out.


The great knitting gods continue to mock me.

Today was, however, a great fiber and fiber acquitistion day in my house.


My merino arrived — I’ve been skeining it up all day, but couldn’t resist dyeing a few skeins before I got all of the work done.  This is my favorite colorway so far.


Roving steaming in the pot.  I love how the steam gives it an eerie glow.


I needed one last skein of yarn for Teddy’s science fair project (dyeing yarn), so there was a quick detour to the yarnshop.  Teddy’s skein is pictured at right, but I had to grab two skeins of the Blue Sky alpaca because I’m a terrible sucker for low-twist single ply yarns, particularly when they are chunky like this.  I like how soft they always are.  I felt entitled to the nifty hanging needle holder because when I returned from my trip, I discovered that the demon from hell adorable three year old child in my house had pulled all the needles out (who knew they were the arrows that fit his elvish bow?) and I’m going to have quite a task finding them and sorting them out.  But when I do, they’ll have this nice new home.  The books were because I’m a book whore and I’ve been really good lately and the black sheep tape measure just jumped into my basket.

Finally, can you believe it?  For the umpteenth year in a row, my husband got cheesy-crappy candy for Halloween.  He does it every year.  I’ll have to go out and get some of the good stuff.


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